Sonicont USF2

Ultrasonic fill level sensor for liquids and solid materials – separate version

  • Easy to install
  • Logger for up to 500’000 logs
  • High reach




With the Sonicont USF2 and USG2 ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH provides an ultrasonic level transmitter remote version for non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes and coarse bulk materials before. By long life, easy installation and less maintenance, the ultrasonic measuring system is a proven and cost-effective solution.

Combined with up to 4 freely adjustable switching points and suitable for measuring ranges up to 8m in liquids and up to 3.5 m in bulk materials (on request up to 25m in liquids and up to 12m in solids), this sensor can be used for various measuring tasks for volume linear display in all container types – and with an accuracy of 0.2% and ≤ 2 mm. In addition, the analog output 0 (4) … 20 mA and 0 .. 10V is switchable. The modern transmitter has extensive diagnostic functions for system analysis and still allows easy setup and operation by clear menu guidance.

Besides level measurements the Sonicont USG2 and USF2 is able for measurement of flow rates and currents. The mathematical formulas are already stored in the device. The sensor Sonicont USG2 can be installed up to 300m from the transmitter Sonicont USF2 and has IP65/IP68 protection. The 2 „TFT color display of the Sonicont USF2 provides an excellent representation of the measured values and easy readability. Intelligent data management enables the Sonicont USF2 to record measured values through the Bluetooth interface and a built-in data logger function.



For measurements in liquids and solids non-contact level measurement with ultrasound is a proven and cost-effective method. The lack of contact with the medium ensures a long service life and thus a permanent and reliable measurement.

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