Precont PN4LM

Pressure transmitter / Pressure switch with data memory for hygienic applications Monitoring of absolute or relative pressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dust

Digital pressure switch and pressure transmitters for hygienic applications – Latest generation with a large display, analog and 4 pnp switching outputs

  • EHEDG Compliance
  • Process temerature up to 150°C
  • Analouge and up to 4 switching points



The device Precont PN4LM is an electronic pressure transmitter / pressure switch for monitoring, control as well as continuous measurement of pressures in gases, vapors, liquids and dusts.

Due to the device construction with measuring ranges from -1 bar to 25 bar (gauge), measuring ranges from 0 bar to 25 bar (absolute), measuring spans from 100 mbar to 25 bar, process temperatures from –20°C to +150°C, process material CrNi-steel as well as the availability of a variety of hygienic EHEDG-conformal process connections like thread ISO 228-1 with front-flush O-ring gasket, dairy coupling DIN 11851, Varivent® and DRD the device is especially suitable for the use for food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and sterile process engineering.

The device Precont PN4LM is suitable for demanding measuring requirements.

Due to its high accuracy and the high flexibility of configuration, the device can be suited a wide variety of applications.

The device with front-flush diaphragm has been specifically designed for the measurement of viscous, paste-like, adhesive, crystallizing, particle-laden and contaminated media, which would clog the pressure channel of conventional process connections.

Through its optimized design, the front-flush process connection enables the cleanability of the wetted diaphragm to be integrated into the process.

The device is particularly suitable for the special conditions of CIP/SIP cleaning processes, such as chemical stability towards cleaning liquids and high temperatures.

Low-maintenance and trouble-free pressure measurement is thus also guaranteed in critical applications with frequently changing media.

The front-flush diaphragm is completely welded with the process connection and supplied with a positive seal. A reliable, dead-space free sealing between the process connection and the process adapter resp. measuring medium is thus assured.

The robust design and the high-quality workmanship turns the device into a very high quality product, which even the most adverse environmental conditions cannot affect, whether low temperatures when used outdoors, high shock and vibration or aggressive media.

4_20mA_2_PNP 4_20mA_4_PNP_en CIP_SIP Prozesstemperatur_150 Bluetooth EHEDG_konform
Supply voltage
Output signal 0(4)…20mA 9 V…30 V DC reverse polarity protected
Output signal 0…10V 14 V…30 V DC reverse polarity protected
Analogue output
Operating range 0…20mA: 0…20,5mA, max. 22mA
4…20mA: 3,8…20,5mA, min. 3,6mA, max. 22mA
0…10V: 0…10,5V, max. 11V
Permitted load 0(4)…20mA: ≤ (US-9V) / 22mA
0…10V: ≥ UOut / 3mA
Step response time ≤ 15ms (td = 0s)
Start-up time ≤ 1s
Switch output PNP S1 / S2 / S3 / S4
Function PNP-switch to +L
Output current IL 0…≤ 200mA
current limited
short circuit protected
Step response time ≤ 25ms (td = 0s)
Switch cycles ≥ 100.000.000
Bluetooth Interface
Version Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Specification Class 2
Transmit power ≤ 2,5mW / 4dBm
Range ≤ 10m
Measuring accuracy
Characteristic deviation ≤ ±0,15% FS
≤ ±0,5% FS
Long term drift ≤ ±0,2% FS/year
Temperature deviation Measuring range ≤ 250mbar: ≤ ±0,04% FS/K (0°C…+80°C)
Measuring range ≤ 250mbar: ≤ ±0,06% FS/K (-20°C…0°C / +80°C…+150°C)
Measuring range ≥ 400mbar: ≤ ±0,02% FS/K (0°C…+80°C)
Measuring range ≥ 400mbar: ≤ ±0,03% FS/K (-20°C…0°C / +80°C…+150°C)
(process wetted)
Steel 1.4435 (316L)
Process connection
(process wetted)
Steel 1.4435 (316L)
Connection housing CrNi-Steel
Control panel surface PES
(process wetted)
FPM – fluorelastomere (z.B. Vition®), FDA-listed
EPDM – ethylene-propylene-dienmonomere, FDA-listed
Environmental conditions
Environmental temperature -20°C…+70°C
Process temperature -20°C…+150°C
Process pressure 100mbar … 25bar depending on type
Protection IP68 (EN/IEC 60529)

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