Flowcont® Magsmall

Smart magmeter for utilities – intuitive · convenient · multivariable

  • Compact design
  • Sealed operation panel
  • Can be parameterized via Bluetooth



The Flowcont Magsmall is the economical magmeter for many applications in secondary circuits with conductive liquids in all industries. End customers, skid builders, equipment manufacturers and system integrators value the space-saving Magsmall for its flexible installation capabilities. Additionally, its future-oriented, intuitive operation via SmartBlue app on every Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet ensures fast, secure and simple commissioning.

Fluessigkeiten Bauform_kompakt 100_g_l Bedienoberfläche
Supply voltage range 18V…30 V DC (SELV, PELV, Class 2)
Power consumption max. 3W
(w/o outputs IO1 and IO2, 120mA (+ 2 x 250mA with I/O´s))
Measuring range DN 15 (½”): 0,4…25 l/min
DN 20 (¾”): 0,75…50 l/min
DN 25 (1”): 1,2…100 l/min
DN 50 (2”): 5…750 l/min
Maximum measured error
(Volume flow measurement)
±2% v.E.
±0,5% v.E.
Maximum measured error
(Medium temperature measurement)
±0,2% v.M.
Environmental conditions
Environment temperature -25°C…+85°C
Process temperature -10°C…+60°C
Medium temperature range -10°C…+70°C
Permissible short-term temperature, maximum one hour: 85°C
Repetition after 4 hours at the earliest
Medium properties Liquid
conductivity > 20µS/cm
Process pressure max. +16bar
Protection class IP65/IP67, pollution degree 3

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